Saturday, 9 April 2016

Crafty Pants!

This year we, (me and the kids) had the honour of being invited to
perform the pre-school session at the 
Weaver Words Festival, Frodsham's own Literature Festival.

It was a busy turn-out and loads of fun. 

Of course we introduced Pants Hats to a whole new unsuspecting audience 
with a rousing game of pants pass - the - parcel!

Then we showcased a sneaky peak of the new (top secret!) book, 
complete with circus and confetti cannon!

To finish we did some crafting with petals and pirates...

And then we tidied up...!


What fun!

Monday, 2 March 2015

Shabby Chic Chandelier

We've recently been doing up Minnow's bedroom. Out with the babyish animals and in with... day bed, dressing table, jewellery box and all the accouterments a young lady needs.

I'd always wanted a colourful chandelier, had coveted one a friend had had a few years ago. It would be perfect to replace Minnow's drab lampshade in her new colourful room.

Looking on Pinterest, there were a few but they were all six-pence-ive... £90+. Well we'd already spent a fair bit, even with a joiner who didn't show up, forcing us to learn joinery 101 over a weekend before the carpets arrived!

Anyway, a thought occurred to me. When I was about seventeen, I got a bead curtain for my birthday. Since then it has travelled far and wide, got snagged and snapped, been rehashed into smaller versions which have been hanging mournfully around our home over the last few years. Time for another re-incarnation me thinks!


I scoured the glue off the lampshade frame

Using a florists' wire, looped around the top bead then over the frame...
I stuck with the same piece of wire, rather than cutting it, to give the beads a bit of structure.

A cheeky pick-me-up!

Ta da!

And a little sister version for the bedside table

Saturday, 31 January 2015


I've mentioned before my aversion to getting rid of some of the kids' time-worn clothes, hence my finkleing!

I have come up with a new fixer though. I'm calling it T-Shart!

Here's the plan:

Using a small canvas, cut the shirt so that it will overlap at the back 
without too much bunching material.

Using a staple gun, attach to the back, as neatly as you can be bothered.

Hey presto! A Canvasaur!

It makes a nice addition for a kid's bedroom, keeping it cheap, making it personal, and along with the paper aeroplane bunting and the pompoms, really brightens it up at very little cost. And your creative maestros can even get stuck in!

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Healthy Grown Up Choccies

'Ah rats!' I said on reading Sarah Wilson's Choc Chilli Truffles.
'Who has a chocolate mould? Where on earth would I find one on Christmas Eve. I am not heading to the sho... oh!'

So you'll need:
200g 74% dark chocolate
Melt over boiling water
Add 1/2 tsp cayenne pepper
And 1 tsp cinnamon
Mix and pour into your advent calender
Sprinkle with sea salt

Joyful AND triumphant!

Sunday, 21 December 2014

December Birthdays

Well it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

But spare a thought for those poor people who have birthdays in December, when everyone's spare cash is spread thinner than the skin on top of your hot chocolate!

Well in times like this, we need to get creative with gifts, and you know I loves me a Christmas star!

So I've gone for a new twist (or should I say fold). Check out these beauties I'm giving to my December-born buddies...

This one doubled as a birthday card with message on the back...

These ones are good year round!

And I have forced myself to give this one away as I love it most of all!

I'm working on a new story and it's very exciting! It turns out that origami is the perfect compliment to writing, gives the mind a nice shift of focus.

Thanks to

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

A Belt Weave Quiver

I know - a must-have for every boy's toy box - a belt weave quiver, but bare with...

I'd got a bit irked with random sucker arrows and Nerf bullets all over the place. 

"You need a quiver" says the Mother in law. 

"A what?" I hear you cry. 

"A pouch, for your ammo". 

Yes, in fact I do! Not my ammo. But yes.

So I had all these belts, and you know I like to re-purpose / upcycle / can't bare to throw things away.

Well... I taught Swift to weave...

And, then just a little...

And before you know it... (six -ish months later...)

Quiver me timbers!

P.S. Sorry for my absence, I have of course been quietly crafting, got a bit distracted with forging a revolution =) 

Saturday, 2 August 2014

A Rocking Swing

We've recently been doing some renovations in the back yard. Where once there was an outside loo...

... we have created a rather spiffing terrace. But as with all good stories, there were a couple of hitches. The first was that the beautiful swing chair that I had tracked down, was sold out. So I spent a while browsing Google images of "swing chairs", trying to find a solution for the small space, when I found this - using a normal, household chair as a swing.

I liked it, it was cheap and you know I loves me a bit of recycling! It needed a sturdy chair and the sturdiest chair we've got is the old rocker. 

We used it a lot when the kids were babies so I've not wanted to get rid of it but has been sort of gathering clothes for a while. It seemed the perfect idea to extend its life into their childhood too.

So I took off the rocker and put the kids to work with some sand paper...

Drilled four holes in the base of the chair.

Gave it a slinky new coat of Weathershield Exterior Bay Tree Green

Ordered 12 meters of rope and cut them into four equal lengths.

Huffed and puffed and tied the chair up using a running bowline. And it promptly... fell over.

It hadn't occurred to me that the rope needed to support the back of the chair (I've got an A in CDT you know). So I made the appropriate adjustments et voila! 

After a tentative first ride out, I can officially say I am off my rocker! 

Loving the gorgeous new terrace...