Sunday, 26 February 2012


**There were no ducks harmed in the making of this post. Well not badly anyway!**

Always on the lookout for ways to 'pimp' an activity for the kids, it was with some derring do that I set out on Wednesday with the kids and an over sized elastic band to the local duck pond. What could be more exciting than launching morsels of duck fodder at high speed?
Was a little worried, as the pond does have strict signs requesting only brown bread be used to feed the ducks, duck feeding is clearly a serious business round these parts (no doubt IBS is not just a human phenomenon). There were rather more people around than I would have liked but no matter, some trees provided enough coverage.
And so it began. Attempt one resulted in only minimal injury to my face. I couldn't fathom it. I mean I know I'm a girl but surely I was pulling the catapult in the right direction? Tried it again, same thing happened (crumbface!) Did attempt pulling the catapult in the other direction just in case I'd somehow in my 33 years not managed to grasp the physics of the thing. That one hurt a bit more.
As time went on, I started to get a bit more into my groove and a few bits did go in the right direction but I have to say, (and it was bread so keep your knickers on any animal rights activists out there), I did hit a couple of ducks in the head. They then went on to eat said bread so it was more of a wake up call for them really.
In conclusion, not a major success but the kids did find some amusement in it.
Post Script: I told my better half about it and of course in a fit of competitiveness we found ourselves "ooops!" down at the canal yesterday. He was better than me in a big way. No injuries and perfect doughy trajectories. Oh well, perhaps more practise needed.