Monday, 27 February 2012

Pancakes Overdue

So, the pancakes were a hit. Why only one day a year? Might write a reminder in my diary for later in the year.
August 10th: Pancakes exist!
Today was the first day that Baby Girl has managed to keep a ponytail in for the duration. Think she quite likes it, caught her flirting at the checkout at the supermarket. Am slightly worried if left in the hands of The Daddy, found her at lunchtime yesterday with her knickers on through the leg hole. Nearly cut off the circulation bless her so holy moley, don't like his chances with an up do!
It was with some remorse this morning, that I agreed to help out at Pre School on Friday. A teacher enthused "Oooh great, its pyjama day, see you there" and so the glamour goes on... better hunt out my fleecy penguins!
Today has been a day for 'Surprising Sentences'.
1) "Why are you licking the baby doll in the eye? Do I lick you in the eye?"
2) "Are you sure he's in a safe place?" - The Boy replied somewhat irked "Yes he's in the tumble dryer" Duh!
3)"You can't fix balloons sweetheart :0( "
It would be awesome for people to share their 'Surprising Sentences' on here. Or anything, this blog is looking a bit lonely, sniff, sniff.