Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Toy Inventory

The Toy Inventory went pretty well. Its a great way to clean while masquerading as playing with the kids. They love it because they discover long forgotten toys, I love it as it satisfies my OCD of things being in the right place! So the toys are organised and toy boxes cleaned! Just in case anyone was about to feel a pang of slovenly guilt, I did find a Christmas tree pine needle, circa 2010.
But the big tidy-up did start me thinking about some of the toys we've lost over the last few years. I don't mean your average broken or misplaced toy. I mean actually lost, turn-over the house in pursuit of finding said item.
The one that springs to mind is the library copy of 'Horton Hears a Who'. I cannot to this day tell you where it went. I do know that I looked everywhere for it. Everywhere. Even the freezer...there is a chance! I even called a SALT (Speech and Language Therapist) who had visited the house during the losing phase and basically accused her of taking it. "Hi, yeah, Baby Girl's fine know when you visited, I don't suppose"
You know she was mouthing 'Cra zee' at the other end of the phone. So didn't find it, noticed they were selling it for £3.99 in the supermarket and tried to replace but library copies aren't the same, so it cost another £20 to replace. I'm not bitter I absolutely adore our library and visit more often than is probably normal. And Horton goes down as one of our cherished films so its win win.
The other lost item of note was The Boy's fork. It was from a specific set, a posh one, metal, none of this plastic business, with a fish on the handle. They each have their own set so you can imagine the havoc its loss caused. Literally had the house in bits - couldn't find it anywhere. The Daddy said he'd seen it under the dining room table, alas no.
Weeks later, as I am ferreting around under said table, retrieving some peas and a piece of dried pasta, my awareness came to a peculiar sensation in my hair. The Boy, clearly feeling Henry in the Horrid department had only gone and jammed the thing between the wood on the underside of the table. On the one hand, "Oh for God's sake" but on the other, a little bit "Genius". Found it hard to be mad.
This morning I accidentally dropped Baby Girl's toothbrush down the toilet so who am I to point the finger?