Thursday, 1 March 2012

All You Need Is Love, daa,daa,da,da,da

I'm pleased to say that yesterday passed by without a hitch (!) With our rare extra day in the calendar I'm glad that I put it to good use cleaning (although the house now looks like it did 48 hours ago). Not that I only clean every four years, it is marginally more than that.
So as we all know, the 29th of February is the day that women traditionally...well, being a self confessed gamophobe (fear of weddings), I can't even bring myself to write it...
(I am quite aware that I won't ever become a princess if I don't get married, not every fairy story needs a princess dudes!)
On sitting down to dinner last night, The Daddy, with a cruel smile said "Anything you want to ask me?"
I once read that when you don't want to answer a question the best thing to do is enthusiastically change the subject. I took a moment to compose myself and quite matter of factly enquired "Why do you insist on this pretence that you don't know where anything goes in the kitchen?"
He laughed, I smiled, we ate our Mini Kievs. It was very romantic.
Happy March by the way! Hello Sunshine old friend, thought you'd deserted us!