Monday, 12 March 2012

Balloons at Bath Time!

The plan to launch the hot air speedboat on the paddling pool yesterday went South (much like the weather I’m lead to believe).
So I thought we’d kill two birds as it were. As the grubby grubsters needed a wash, I decided to launch the contraption in the bath. 

Equipment required:
One (lightweight) toy boat
One balloon
One elastic band
One pen lid with hole

It is really very simple (sort of) to construct your own hot air speed boat. Simply blow up the balloon, insert pen lid into opening, then try to attach to boat using elastic band and get it into the water before all of the air escapes from the balloon. Oh how we laughed (sort of). There were much high jinks and changes of clothes required following this demonstration of maternal ingenuity. The first boat took on water and didn’t work, but once I’d appreciated this weight issue, we were well away.
Having said all of that, the kids soon learnt the true value of the experience was in the opportunity to make farting noises in the bath with the balloons. There I go, over-thinking the thing again!