Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Chaos in Modern Parenting Roles!

The Daddy and I are undergoing a new D.I.Y. project. This is risky; anyone who knows us well will have heard tell of The Great Row of 2005. It was our first real upset and doesn't show me in a good light when I tell you it culminated in me storming out to B & Q shouting 'I got an 'A' in C.D.T. you know!' (Craft Design Technology for those overseas).
This may sound harsh and arrogant but The Daddy really was being ridiculous. I am joyful to tell you that his measuring skills and spatial awareness have improved immeasurably in the last seven years (I should also add, he got an 'A' in Home Ec., but I still can't cook!)
So we advance on the joint project with some trepidation. We are hoping to create a new vegetable patch in the back garden so that we can grow a beanstalk and visit the giants in the clouds...
We purchased the supplies yesterday afternoon and all is going well, the only difficulty we're having is keeping the children away from the sawing. We are creating a dowelled butt joint at each corner requiring a square to be cut out of the end of each length. It did not take long for us to realise that there is nothing more exciting than a square of wood for the ankle biters... oh except lots of squares of wood! It turns out that you can occupy kids with just about anything if you can turn it into a game. A pre-school version of Jenga ensued with shrieks and giggles a plenty. The Daddy madly sawing in the background (I was chief measurer and The Brains of the outfit... its for the best)