Monday, 5 March 2012

Dens and Ginger Beer

The picnic was a success - well it really depends how you define success. If it is providing a new and stimulating activity for the kids, then score! If it is maintaining any sort of order to your laundry closet, then not so much. The dining room den protruded into the hallway, with money boxes holding the sheeting in place.
So on the menu: honey sarnies and lashings of ginger beer, the ginger beer didn't go down so well with the kids but it fulfilled my Famous Five fantasy.
The den promoted some spontaneous activity, it masqueraded as a hospital for a while "Mummy is there a boo boo chicken in your tummy?" "Yes, yes there is!" And there was a fierce game of "Excusez moi", either infant only gaining passage through the main door (yes there was a main door) with the 'secret' password (actually just French, not secret).
Having no role in this game and not being one of its creators, I am left wondering one thing... "Who is teaching my children French?"
P.S. I told a lie and got found out, but enough - I'll tell you tomorrow...