Friday, 23 March 2012

The days of our lives

I feel that I may be coming into rather a lovely period in my life. (I know, I know shouldn't say these things - kiss of death!) What I mean by that is that the kids are reaching a stage where they need me a fair bit less re toilet and sleeping activities, but are still major cute.
Now I know waxing lyrical about ones offspring makes a listener's eyes glaze over in faux attention. However I do feel that this blog might be offering a slightly off-kilter view of parenting. I would hate to put anybody off!
The best thing about the kids reaching this new age of maturity, is that they have started to really interact with each other and play together and frankly it's just too cute.
Before Minnow could speak she had enlightened Ninja to the joys of tunnelling behind the sofa. Who needs words? Cut to now, they play 'Excusez moi!" (Who has been teaching my children French?) Where one of them blocks a doorway and only lets the other through if they say the 'secret' words (not secret, just French).
They also like to draw out each other’s argumentative side. They can quite happily yell "Yes"... "No" to each other in the back of the car and no one, not even them know what they are arguing about but it can get quite heated.
This morning we were reading a book that had a high five in it. They spontaneously broke into doing high fives... managed it on the fifth try. Two less co-ordinated individuals I haven't had the pleasure of knowing. Note To Self - next time wear a hard hat!
I should perhaps state that this outpouring of infant appreciation comes after a rare day at work for me, their guardianship being undertaken elsewhere, so my view might be a bit rosy.
I am told today their highlight was engaging in an alfresco peeing competition. I'm truly sorry to have missed it.