Saturday, 3 March 2012

Pre School Pyjama Party

I can't believe I forgot to tell you about Pre School Pyjama Friday! Followers will remember that I had agreed to help out with World Book Week at the Pre School... with some remorse however, when I learnt that it would involve donning my jim jams. But not one to renege on my commitments I embraced it!
The morning saw me in a blind panic, having misplaced the top to my fleecy penguin PJ combo. The alternatives to my one lucky pair of nocturnal threads, were not worth entertaining. I'd like to say for their frisky connotations but alas they are merely tattered, greying imitations of had-been garments.
I searched high and low and eventually found it between some towels in the spare bedroom. Proceeded to iron it for good measure, it seemed to sigh in contented achievement in response, having never made it to the heady heights of the ironing basket.
All of this aside and apart from a stomach-dropping moment when I thought I was going to be the only adult in vetements de nuit, it went rather well. Once over the obvious elephant in the room, we all got along swimmingly, inspecting the characters on each other's jammies. And I realised something while I was there. It can be quite a worthwhile exercise spending a bit of time with kids that you don't know. Not being able to predict their reactions to things, flexes the imaginative muscle no end. At one point I found myself earnestly showing off my Spiderman impression, desperate to win the acceptance of an unknown toddler. "No really, the web comes out of his wrists, like this!"
Our Pre School is a great resource for inspiring ideas and I can honestly tell you that there was virtually no crying. No histrionics, lying down tantrums. In a room of approximately thirty kids under four - that must be some kind of magic. My own daughter alone had been bringing the house down not ten minutes before.
At 11am when I left, I was slightly less gung ho with the whole pyjama thing. When I'd arrived (purposely late to avoid the other parents) I'd had two comrades with me. A woman on her own, meandering about in her nightwear, just looks sad.