Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Lego and Lunatics!

I have to admit to being a little irked; SOMEONE has emptied all of the small Lego pieces into my general tub, having previously been sorted and stowed in plastic Advent freezer pots. I can think of three possible felons so it's pretty difficult to reprimand - have you seen the size of a modern day Lego break light? Virtually imperceptible to the naked eye.
I do find Lego a little tiresome. Not least because I invariably am tasked to make the same thing (lorry) every time. I always find it, pristine in the the Lego box from the last time so have to grudgingly take it apart before I start to build it again - I don't keep the pieces aside because where's the challenge in that? And secondly because I have to build it again! We're not yet at that age of leaving The Boy to create a primary coloured, angular metropolis. Furthermore, if anyone has suggestions for an activity that is more likely to induce a migraine, than sifting through thousands of pieces of tiny (noisy) plastic, answers on a postcard!
But when he asks with such gusto 'Mummy, can we do Lego during rest time today?' its hard to decline. It has kept his good behaviour in check all morning so it has its perks, perhaps I just need to insist on diversity in the projects... and spend a few hours reorganising the tools.
One thing that did come out of today was that for the first time I've heard him making up imaginary conversations with his toys: 'Come on Buddy, jump up, we're going on the road!' followed my 'Mummy can I have some pink milk please?' Bless him.
Finally you know I like to offer free ideas to try with the kids, here's today's. Get everything wrong - shoes on wrong feet, coat on backwards, toast in a bowl etc. If like me, this goes against everything you were bred for, stick with it - they think its hilarious, and feel very important correcting you. Admittedly in public you look like a lunatic but hey, anything for a laugh from my progeny! And a nice change from me consistently correcting them!