Thursday, 8 March 2012

The Red Bottle Rocket! - Part One

The Craft Project of the Decade is nearing its end. The Daddy, given his due, has the best imagination when it comes to ideas for the kids. Execution of such... not so much. It was with this in mind, nearing the end of December that he suggested making a Rocket out of a lemonade bottle. The Boy instantly jumped on this idea and the task was left to me to construct.
I say left to me because The Boy's attention span, even with something as inviting as paper mache, is actually only 15 seconds. So for many nights and days I have been smothering the construction of lemonade bottle, the inside of wrapping paper rolls - for the 'thrusters' (apparently) - and the end of a Christmas cracker - for the nose cone.
It has been a labour of love.
With this in mind, today I have been a little irked at having to pass the project back over the The Boy to paint. We (I) decided upon a design much like Bob The Man on the Moon's rocket - a four-colour multi-tonal affair.
What followed was a dialogue pretty close to this (note my attempt to sweeten reprimands by adding a cutsie):
"Right, so I'll draw a line and you paint it red, up to the line, then we'll make a yellow section... NO! You're going over the line!... sweetheart... OK, lovely you're doing a great job STOP now, remember, just under this red line!... darling. Would you like me to have a go!...poppet..."
"But Mummy, I want it all red".
"OK fine!"
Meantime, The Daddy is tittering in the kitchen. When he eventually comes out he declares, "That rocket could really do with some flames out of those thrusters". Now if he hadn't only recently averted disaster by supplying Baby Girl with her own rocket to paint (inside of a toilet roll) the air might have turned blue, as it was, the table cloth, dish cloth and most of our clothes are stained red, but at least the thing is painted.
I delighted in a few moments of private 'touching up' after The Boy had lost interest. You have to take your pleasures where you can find 'em! Next project - flames!
Pop back tomorrow for some 'psychology of playtime'.