Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Shadow Puppets and Lies

I had completely forgotten about shadow puppets.  The springtime sunshine streamed in through the, as-yet uncleaned, window this morning and provided perfect conditions for a few rounds of 'guess the animal'. I can now add Shadow Puppeteer to my list of skills. The most popular animal by far being the spider - tickles aplenty, "Again, again, again!".
On the subject of creepy crawlies, it turns out that this is the perfect time of year for shifting things in the garden to find a world of underground wrigglies. This prompted the Surprising Sentence: "No you can't be a worm Daddy!". This was nothing to do with 'The Daddy' but rather refers to The Boy asking if he could adopt the worm and bring it up as his own.
Between this, the puppetry and negotiating Baby Girl out of wearing her knickers over the top of her leggings, it was a fairly eventful morning.
Incidentally, The Boy is the world's worst liar, he will materialise and say something like: "There's nothing in my pocket!" or "I didn't take two!" let's hope he doesn't get much better at it. Am I right to expect "I didn't take any money from your purse" in about ten year's time?