Sunday, 25 March 2012

Springtime and Celebrities!

And the seasons change... it seems at this time every year, the world is surprised that the weather dramatically improves. I am not surprised, this week every year is like this. I know this because it's my birthday in a couple of days and I have the pleasure of it falling at a time when the world breathes a collective sigh of relief; we are out of the doldrums of winter. People feel good when the sun shines, I know I smile more, colours are bolder, flowers glow as they bask in the rays, energy levels are up, smile diameters increase by 15% and well, it just feels good to be warm!  Its an optimistic time - could it last all summer? No it'll be gone by the end of the week.
But for now, its been a weekend of not eating Ready Brek for breakfast, firing up the barbecue, car rides with the windows down, blaring late 90's pop from the stereo (could there be a party like an S Club party?) enjoying a picnic by the lake, sun hats on, and sleeping without my socks on.
Perfect conditions I'd say, for teaching Ninja to ride his bike. Tatton Park was the setting for such an exercise and the perfect place to engage a little man's pride as there were cyclists galore! I urged him to show them how it's done and set off at a steady pace behind him. I was the image of glamour, hot and bothered, hair flying, perspiring considerably, hitching up my boob tube (yep, really went crazy for the sunshine today - I am British after all!)
The running commentary I offered was 'Keep pedalling, keep pedalling, keep pedalling...'. Ninja was awesome, he did a good few turns of the pedals on his own, only really falling off because he was looking to see who was looking. I gave him earnest praise through my panting recovery, waiting for The Daddy and Minnow to catch up. The Daddy arrived with the words 'That was brilliant mate but Mummy's not going to be happy.'
Pour quoi?
'You've just run past Nicola from Girls Aloud, totally oblivious!'
Bother. Ninja was urging us on to try his new skills again, a small part of me really wanted to retrace my steps but my voyeuristic tendencies could in no part equal his enthusiasm. Here we are, living in the moment...
P.S. Free tip of the day - I was right about the bubble party in the park - it is the best fun imaginable for pre-schoolers!