Thursday, 22 March 2012

Walking with Monsternauts

Among many of my addictive tendencies, walking is one of my obsessive behaviours. You can't beat a good perambulate to improve a mood or shift some stodge!
Where we live, we have a dynamic landscape right on our doorstep; a craggy hill with over thirty different routes up it. It is an adventure playground to which we have a free pass, and we make sure we use it. I have beautiful memories of it and deep appreciation for it being the keeper of my post baby weight. I lost it up there somewhere and it has been good enough so far, to keep it.
I also love introducing it to friends new and old. In this respect I behave as though it is mine and take pride in showing it off. It used to be an old quarry and on Sunday I was waxing lyrical to The Father-in-Law about where the old railway used to run, trying to sound clever.
But taking walks with people introduces new ways of walking with the kids. A good friend of mine introduced the use of a bucket for her son to collect essential woodland debris, another introduced 'Giant Steps' - genius. More recently a colleague suggested the use of skiing goggles in the winter. He lives in Blackpool and talked of holding your coat up and leaning into the wind. Awesome.
But The Mother-in-Law is the perfect walking buddy. She is game for anything and will disappear with the kids for long periods, I don't know where. Last weekend she was found stuck up a tree, which eventually lead to the comment: "Where's Nanan?"
"She's out of her tree!"
Which could have been construed as rude, were it not true.
Do you have any good walking tips or memories?