Friday, 16 March 2012

Websites and Reprimands

Well the whole 'Opposites' game, came home to bite me on the bum:
"Mummy, stop singing" - so I sang louder.
"Muuuuummeeeeeeee! Stop singing."
"Sorry darling, did you say louder?"
"Mummeeeeeeee!... it's still rubbish!"
Fine. That shut me up.

The other day I promised you some brilliant websites to keep the monsternauts at bay. Here goes:

For any Cars and Cars 2 addicts out there, this colouring tool is brill:

For any Dr Seuss fans, you've got to try out the Sneetch Beach Relay at:

For jigsaw fun, upload one of your family photos and create. Decide number of pieces, shapes and difficulty and away you go:

For something more educational, try out your dancemat typing, early keyboard skills at:

And to encourage early reading with phonics: