Wednesday, 7 March 2012

What would we do without books!

I am dedicating today's blog to reading. Today I am multi-blogging (check me out!) as I also have a guest post on website: all about how fond I am of reading. Please drop by if you have a moment:
But it has reminded me just how much we take books for granted. They are such a fantastic way for kids to learn about the world, well to an extent... I wouldn't list Dr Seuss under this category, but for engaging both adults and kids in humour and imagination, he is faultless!
A little known fact - on reading Dr Seuss' first book, To Think That it Happened on Mulberry Street - Beatrix Potter declared it: "the cleverest book I have met with for many years". Two powerhouses of children's writing, so vastly diverse - to think that it happened in the same era! It tickles me.
Reading is also a brilliant way to spend some meaningful time with your charges. We read to the kids as they go to bed and again when they get up, before breakfast, when frankly I'm a lot less frazzled! We seem to get more out of it at this time, spotting things in the pictures, asking questions etc. We also have a few books knocking around in the loo: for their more lengthy visits!
I try to input an accent here or there, and pick out repetative phrases for the kids to say with gusto. We use books to inspire roleplay, where we put on a little show with various characters that lurk around the home (yes Bruce I mean you!).
This kind of play really helped when The Boy got a castle for Christmas. As a child I was more of a 'Barbie in a Jacuzzi' kinda girl - it was on her roof; just writing that sounds a bit wrong, I'm so not looking forward to Baby Girl reaching that age.
Anyway - books! They're awesome! Read 'em whenever you can!