Thursday, 5 April 2012

To remember when they say 'Muuum, you're so embarrassing!'

The kids have had their cute hats on today. Just put them to bed amidst lots of kisses and declarations along the lines of: 'I love holding your hand, I love giving you kisses Mummy.'
But even the best of days inevitably has its moments. Today's was on the bus ride home from our neighbouring market town of Frodsham. It was a royal treat to go to 'Big Park' on the bus and have ice creams.
On the way back, not really aware of the bus timetable, we ambled our way towards the stop, only to find a bus speeding towards the same destination. We hurried, as much as one can hurry two pre-schoolers without causing injury to any party; but didn't get there in time and it swept past us. I raised my arm in desperation and it was either that or a good citizen on-board saw the, frankly frayed mother, roadside and hallelujah, it stopped.
There was a kind of eye-rolling air as we burst into the quiet atmosphere. I made a public show of apologetic thanks and followed The Boy to a seat. Sitting right at the back, The boy appraised the man directly next to us: 'He's got a very grumpy face Mummy.'
'Ok, shhh now.' To be fair he did although it could have been due to our untimely embarkation.
Not two minutes later he announced, giggling 'Mummy, that lady's hair looks like a doggy's bum!'... brilliant.
My only hope is that of the fifteen or so women who were in front of us, the one whose hair looked like the rear end of a bichon frise (he was right again) wasn't aware of it. Surely if she was she wouldn't choose to wear it like that... that's what I'm hoping, so that no one took ownership of the insult.
In true Commando Mummy style I just ignored the comment and continued the trivial pursuit of noting everything we passed out of the window to Baby Girl and his mind seemed to wander off the subject.
I wonder if there are any women in my village checking out the back of their hair with the inadequate two mirror system tonight?

Today we are mostly... icing biscuits. No baking involved just food colouring and hundreds and thousands... and the icing of course!

These are now being updated daily, so pop back if you're looking for more inspiration over the holidays.

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