Friday, 18 May 2012

Howe do you do... TV catch-up?

I'm feeling good. I have put in some quality hours with TV. She needed it!
She has been suffering some prolonged Pepper Pig marathons recently and we all know what that's like. Peeeepa Pig, do do do do do do do do!

So when Baby Girl woke me up at 3.30am to tell me she needed a drink, and I found myself at a loose end I thought, perfect chance to do a good deed for TV.
I rewarded her patience and selflessness with a smaltzy Glee and a thought-provoking Cougar Town. This week Jelly Bean's pearl of wisdom was: 'Don't expect to get anything out, if you don't put 100% in'. Wise words indeed!
I was glad I had decided not to try to multi-task the ironing into the mix but had given TV my full attention!

My vacuum has also lost it's wheel, I have to carry it around... a lot like a baby. You see, and here we all were thinking I only had two dependants... Happy Friday one and all xx

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