Friday, 11 May 2012

Howe do you do... technology?

Anyone fancy worms for tea? I'll just pop and get my can opener...

Today's post is about technology usage in the presence of the kids and was inspired by Ben Arment's short blog earlier this week, which I don't seek to argue with as it is noble and its sentiment is spot on.

However I would like to open the conversation up a bit and perhaps engage some feedback?
Have you ever noticed that Internet has a capital 'I', a bit like God. I worship daily and I use it, as Ben mentioned, as my link to the rest of the world.

I use it...
  • When I'm stumped for ideas of things to do with the kids
  • When I have a parenting question that needs answers
  • As entertainment for the kids
  • When I feel like Dr Doolittle's push me pull you
  • When I need to ground myself into the adult world for a moment
  • When I've spent a number of hours with two toddlers: swinging off my hair, repositioning my house and being generally unco-ordinated and irrational (me and them)
  • To show the kids my treasured kid's TV shows on YouTube
  • To show them slideshows of pictures of themselves
  • To connect with someone when something funny has happened at home. I'd like to use the metaphor of, does a tree falling make a noise in an empty forest? A joke isn't funny when there's only one of you laughing. Or the only one knowing why you're laughing!

So I'm still going to monitor it, 'cos this machine is addictive, The New York Times says so, and I agree. But I'm going to continue to use it, as long as the kids aren't climbing up the cooker, without too much guilt, and follow it up with an activity to engage the kids, because what a resource!

An apt illustration of my very point can be found here: Willo the Wisp. And next time you're reaching for your laptop, blackberry, Iphone, beware you don't get caught in a thinks cloud!

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