Thursday, 17 May 2012

Howe do you do.. telescopes?

Excitement is rife in the NFM household as we draw towards The Pirate Party, this weekend. We have been tinkering with our pirate outfits, which are now becoming quite elaborate, and a brainwave managed to get through the mayhem today.
You may recall a few weeks ago I intimated that I was designing a telescope. Turned out that fascination in CDT, although good grounds for marking me a misfit at school, wasn't entirely wasted!

First I took the inside of a kitchen roll and the inside of a roll of tin foil. Then cut slits of about 2 cm around one end of each.
The kitchen roll, being the larger of the two, needed the slits folding in and the tin foil ones were left out. I then just pushed the tin foil roll inside the kitchen roll.
This piece of engineering makes a retractable telescope, virtually the same as an actual telescope... well, except it doesn't make anything bigger. But I think it will go down well at the Pirate Party. For Baby Girl at least. It was Easter so the decoration ended up being a bit camp!
Still it was perfect for an afternoon of 'Ahoy there'ing and 'piece's of eight' (no idea what that means), and will hopefully be a hit at the party!

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