Monday, 1 October 2012

Howe do you do... this?

You know sometimes, when I'm putting your shoes on and you steady yourself by clutching my hair? It doesn't actually feel like stroking!
When you refuse to wear your cardigan because it's sunny, it doesn't stop being ten degrees.
If you could sleep consistently it might have a positive, even jovial effect on my demeanor!
I know Peppa Pig is like catnip for you but is there any chance we could watch a bit of countdown, just once?
You know when I cleaned the bathroom floor, an occurrence already too infrequent, was it too much trouble to actually make it to the loo, in the minutes that followed?
Which reminds me, you know when I get you all wrapped up, organise us all out of the house and strap you into your car seat? Not a good time to tell me you need a wee.
Or when I've just stepped under the shower and you call me to nurse your toe which 'hurt itself'.
While we're on it, any chance you could you eat your food in less time than it would take me to make a tapestry of it?
When I say "Come here" it's adorable that you run in the opposite direction, said no Mother ever!
You know you never listen to me!
And you do get tremendously crotchety when you're hungry!
And what's with the "Why" all the time?

Love always,

Dear Mummy

What does "Come here" actually mean?
When you talk in more than one sentence, I'm lost.
Do you know how dirty your house is from this angle?
This place is amazing, everyday I find something new to marvel at, it's very distracting!
I'm just "exploring my environment".
You're always in a rush.
Did you know that eating too fast can give you indigestion? And if you will give me tosh instead of chocolate! Have you tasted chocolate?
Did you know you're a clothes dictator? How am I meant to express myself?
And you talk too fast considering I'm learning a new language.
You know you never listen to me!
And you do get tremendously crotchety when you're hungry!
And you know everything! Of course I'd ask you!

Love you a million

Baby Girl...

Dear Baby Girl

I love that you share your sweets with me.
That you dance and toss your hair like you're on drugs but you're just high on life.
I love how compassionate and tender you are, always wanting to look after people.
I love that you like to pretend to be me.
I love that you sit in my crossed legs and call it your nest.
I love that you're tough and discerning about people, frequently outraged, yet have boundless affection for those who make the grade.
I love that you're naturally graceful, you must have got that from your father.
I love that you love to sing and make up the words you don't know.
I love that you randomly decide you need a cuddle off me.
Even though you cry a fair bit, you spend most of your time smiling and you make me laugh so much.
I love your imagination, only you can use the jigsaw box as ice skates.
And even though you wake me up a lot, it is cute that all you want is me.

Love you a billion


Dear Mummy

I love that you made me, and look after me nicely.
I love that you make sure I'm safe and comfortable.
I love that you'll stop most things to give me a cuddle
I love that you care about making a nice home for us.
And it is rather great that you think beyond our wellbeing to consider enriching experiences - even though your cooking is rubbish.
I love that you include us in your life and teach us what you love about the world.
I think your wardrobe could do with jazzing up a bit, and it's a relief that you've started asking my opinion.
I appreciate that you entertain my imaginary world.
I love that you share your favourite stories with me.
Thank you for being patient while I work this world out.
It's awesome that you tidy up when I make a mess, so I can do it again.
You're very encouraging, my Number One Fan!

Love you a trillion

Baby Girl