Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Howe do you do...The Pants Hats Project?

Thursday was World Book Day and it seemed a fitting time to launch a charity film inspired by the 'awesome' fund-raising book 'Pants Hats'. 

It is the first of two 'hilarious' charity endeavours to make use of the advertising on YouTube and raise money for KidsCan - children's cancer charity.

Usually when I shout out on the Internet, a handful of responses come back. Today I need you to do it. YOU. I love wasting time on Internet. Perhaps today we can do something useful instead...

Please help to attract an advertiser by sending the film around the world at least seventy billion times. You know how much this means to me. As you'll see, I started this film before I was ill (ironic I know!) but it means even more to me now.

Please use your 'share' buttons and encourage others to share it. You can also 'like' on YouTube if the mood takes you. Thank you.

Oh and if there's any other way you can help, in schools perhaps or if you work in a big company, you could, if you were feeling really generous, pop it on an include-everyone email

Love Emi xx

P.S. A lot of you are on the film. Thank you doesn't seem enough but aw shucks you're truly awesome, thank you. I hope it makes you smile xxxx

The Pants Hats Project