Thursday, 4 July 2013

Howe do you do... charity? Celebrating... Pants Hats Day!!!

This morning I'm fresh from Hillside School where we have been enjoying a Celebration and Prize-Giving Pants Hats Assembly in aid of KidsCan.

Last Friday I spent the day with the school doing loads of fun-filled activities, from colouring, sticking, poetry, scrap illustrating, singing and word invention! (Knoxers - knicker boxers, who knew -Sonny - Year 6!)

Here are some more of the results:

London's Landmarks with Pants Hats! Ethan - Year 5

Teddy Pants - Gracie - Year 5

Miss Fancy Pants - Jessica - Year 5

Megan - Year 1 - The Ultimate Pants! Smarty Pants and winner of original artwork by 
The Awesome Leigh Hodgkinson 

Pants Hats limerick -Ella, Laura, Otis and James - Year 2

Sweet Molly had a kind face,
She was slim with plenty of grace,
She could do a cool dance,
Just don't look at her pants,
They made sure her head stayed in one place!

Pants Hats / Queen Mashup! - Year 3

'I loved Pants Hats Day it was lots of fun - especially being able to wear pants on my head!'
Lucy - Year 1

'What a fantastic and fun day! The children had an enjoyable time but also had an opportunity to reflect on children who are less fortunate and to think about how we can help other people. Thanks to Emi for organising the event. As always, the school community supported us really well and we have raised a significant amount of money for KidsCan, a very worthwhile charity we are proud to support.'

Craig Richardson - Headteacher

A fab fun day had by all and a lovely chunk of cash (£162.25) to send to KidsCan - Children's Cancer Research Charity =)

Artwork by Reception and Year 1

Prize-giving courtesy of: Caryl Hart, Leigh Hodgkinson, Stuart Reid, Anne Weinhold, Autumn Publishing and Orchard Books. A huge HUGE thank you!