Sunday, 21 July 2013

Duck Book Making

I have been making a book with Hillside Primary School. This term they have hatched some ducklings in an incubator. The were super cute and the kids loved them.

Reception teacher Mrs Fletcher Curran asked if I would mind getting involved with writing a book with the children about their ducklings.

So that everyone got to play a part in making our book, I decided on the idea of using story dice. I made these beauties and took them into school.

We then did an exercise listing all the things they knew about ducks... 
which turned out to be quite a lot!

Once the cubes were made, I gave each one a category: What is special about the duck? What location is the duck in? What funny situation does the duck find itself in? What other character is in the book? Each category then needed six variables which we decided on as a group. All that was left was to roll the dice and hey presto! A story is made.

I then took photos of some special events that the kids would be involved in: a visit to the farm, sports day and the spring fair. Using some scrap material from the classroom, I was able to superimpose ducklings onto the pictures.

The books are almost ready for sending out and the kids will take them home with them this week.