Friday, 13 September 2013

Howe do you do... stitchery doodles...

...with woolly noodles?

Ah Tenerife in early summer: quality time with the family, long hot days messing about in the pool, switching off from life, easy come, easy go...

That is unless you happen to be holidaying during some kind of freak weather anomaly and the sky is sun shy for the entire week!

"Don't worry", said Mum, "you'll still get a tan through the clouds". It wasn't the tan I was worried about but the goosebumps that plagued my body with little more than a two piece packed to cover them. 

Aside from all of this the kids (and there were five of them) could be heard saying things like:
"I can't get in the pool, it hurts!"

Ho hum, so what to do with them. Well I was glad that I had packed a Marry Poppins carpet bag full of needly things. I have such happy memories of my holidays as a child, lost in a cross-stitch reverie that I thought now was as good a time as any to see if their interest might be sparked by a bit of wool and card. 

This couldn't be simpler. All you need is a piece of card, a big blunt needle (technical term), some blu tack, some wool and some sellotape (preferably on a stand so they can do it themselves while you read Grazia). Maybe also a pencil and rubber if you don't trust your freehand.

So mark out the picture your little one wants to make, use the BB needle and poke holes through onto the blu tack.

Start your little one off, sellotaping a bit of the wool to the back of the card and hey presto, away they go!

Now either the plan worked, or The Shoemaker's Elves had stowed away with us again. (They were pests during our mini-break to Windermere I tell you.)

 Perfect for an overcast holiday... or England.

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