Friday, 6 September 2013

Howe do you do... awesome bubbles?

The Bubble Experiment


Many of our household objects could be used in the art of bubble blowing. With particular investigation into the multi-functionality of kitchen implements.

  1. A big bucket
  2. Awesome Bubble Recipe for Super Strong Bubbles: 6 cups of water to one cup of washing up liquid. Stir gently, attempting not to make any bubbles. Add one tbs of glycerin. For best results, cover and allow to rest until tomorrow. N.B. You can still enjoy bubble fun with your Bog Standard Bubble Mixture - water and suds.
  3. Anything with a hole in it!


Dunk any holed item in to your Awesome Bubble Recipe, remove and blow through, thus testing it's efficacy for bubble blowage.


Items that are not born to bubble: Not telling, what kind of killjoy do you think I am!

Items surely wasted in the kitchen that should have their bubble potential unleashed:

Whatever this is, I use it to make mash into neat tidy circles when I'm feeling a bit cordon bleu, but it now forms part of our bubble repertoire:

The outside of a sprung cake tin, the bubble potential here is two-fold, as well as the standard bubble, it makes large bubble tunnels out of the bucket:

Which then satisfyingly spring into a bubble in the tin to blow or burst whichever is your whim:

Next came the runaway success of the experiment - the syringe you tend to get these days in kids' medicine instead of the old 5ml spoon. This piece was adored for it's simplicity and for it's surprising adaptability to the task. Not only did it form bubbles shaped like eggs but loads of them, one after the other. Brilliant!

It did prompt a more simplistic and perhaps equally cherished approach. Sadly the enchanted bubble eventually encompassed Bubble Bike and took off before popping somewhere over the Manchester Ship Canal...


Success reined in the fields of mash ring, cake tin and syringe. It has lead to experimental testing of further objects to include Cinderella's glass slipper and a pair of joke glasses. No further success has yet been recorded...

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