Thursday, 24 October 2013

Howe do you do... mer-mades?

I paused in our secret garden yesterday, as I made to compost these blousey buds, but I found I couldn't bring myself to make worm meal of them yet, so set about re-purposing their fancy frilly bits.

Their colour and shape lent themselves perfectly to the scales of a mermaid's tale... or three.

During the exercise, Minnow objected "I don't want to break them". So in the name of freedom of expression, I supported her choice of attaching full rose buds. 

She then seemed forlorn, "I'm sorry Mummy, I've drawn on the mermaid". 

"That's O.K. Poppet, it's your mermaid." 

"O.K. I'm going to tear up these petals." I gulped down any further objections.

The mermaids themselves behaved abominably...

Gluing led to one of them gasping:

"Oh! Now I've got a sticky bottom!" 

Then they fussed and wriggled throughout the petal dressing, complaining that it tickled, which in turn tickled Minnow.

For the love of Neptune!

What's that old saying? Oh yes never work with children or mermaids.

I took a moment to compose my patience. I let out a big sigh in the kitchen where My Officer God Mother overheard me. "She's three, she's supposed to ruin your pictures" he consoled. But he only knew the half of it.

Of course once Minnow had seen what I'd made of my mermaid, she changed her tune and coerced me into outlining her another one.

Mermaids being one of Minnow's two greatest passions - the other being butterflies... we were once overrun by a swarm of hybrids. It was horrible, buttermaids, unlike their coquettish, milky cousins, are bossy workaholics with no obvious sense of humour...

Anyway, mermaids being one of Minnow's greatest passions, we're now developing a shoal of the feisty, fishy friends... even the bald ones with the scales falling off, we don't desciminate.

Note to self - in future, draw the mer-made's mouths on last, if at all... ah so that's why The Little Mermaid lost her voice, it all makes sense now... #gobbyspecies