Monday, 16 December 2013


There's twinkles in them Finkles

I once knew a lady who couldn't bear to throw anything away. She recycled, upcycled, re-purposed to the point that over the course of a year, what she actually threw out would fit inside a pixie's purse.

I'm not quite so obsessive but I don't especially like to throw things out. The thing I like least to throw out are the kid's clothes. I feel like it also somehow takes with the the energy that once occupied them.

So I have fathomed a solution. Introducing....

The Finkles! Mildred, Bitsy and Feargal.

A Finkle is a cocktail of said energies, manifested through the medium of tinkly, crackly, squeezy, textured talismans of cheer, destined for a new little bubbas all over the world. These three are flying off to the three corners of the Earth. It was an emotional farewell for all of us but just imagine the stories they'll collect! 

The twins, Bitsy and Feargal were devastated to be separated, they'd shared a pair of swimming shorts for five years!