Friday, 28 February 2014

A Mad Hatter's Tea Party

Adorn the footpath with rabbit footprints left over from Easter...

Recreate the rabbit hole with a Mathmos projector light and play tunnel

Pin the (cotton wool) tail on the white rabbit

Scoff some Upulkuchen cake - biscuit cutters from e-bay

Play mini-croquet - ebay again

If you don't have a Mad Hatter, just get a mad hat! (erm ebay- sadly not the Hatter, just the hat)

Purchase whimsy vintage crockerage to add to the atmos - £15 local charity shoppe

Acquire vaguely Alicey dress for 99p from... you guessed it!

We also played "Slay the Jabberwoky" with a toy crossbow and "Off with the Gingerbread Man's Head"

A good time was had by all and with food done for £50 it was nice and cheaply cheapish! Zeeeeeee!