Wednesday, 9 April 2014

The London Book Fair - Kid's Highlights

This week sees me at my second London Book Fair. As you know I'm a bit keen on kid's books so an opportunity to spend whole days pondering them, studying them, chatting about them is a little slice of heaven for me.

Yesterday was my first day and straight away I met Chris and John from What On Earth Publishing. Their product is totally new to me. It is a book which concertinas out into a wall mural depicting the journey or timeline of a subject. I checked out the The History of the World one. It really is very clever as it depicts it in the context of a 24 hour clock. Did you know humans have only been around for just one second - comparatively speaking!

Next in innovation was a Korean company called English Egg. Their interplay of traditional books, sound, vision and a very clever egg pen makes learning English - or in our case - learning to talk - a natural and fun experience. It very cleverly draws children through technology and into play while learning experientially. Genius.

A brand new kids magazine is being launched: The World's Most Amazing Children's Educational Magazine. With "Hilarious jokes, fantastic stories, aliens superheroes and monsters, strangest facts, riddles and activities for all" this is an inclusive and engaging read based on the National Curriculum. You can subscribe for £39 for 12 issues. A great resource for kids when they're travelling or eating out.

So that was day one. I wanted to put some structure to my exhibition experience so I am on a mission to seek out as many awards short-listed titles as I can and see what I can learn (myself having recently been short-listed don't you know!). Stay tuned!