Saturday, 2 August 2014

A Rocking Swing

We've recently been doing some renovations in the back yard. Where once there was an outside loo...

... we have created a rather spiffing terrace. But as with all good stories, there were a couple of hitches. The first was that the beautiful swing chair that I had tracked down, was sold out. So I spent a while browsing Google images of "swing chairs", trying to find a solution for the small space, when I found this - using a normal, household chair as a swing.

I liked it, it was cheap and you know I loves me a bit of recycling! It needed a sturdy chair and the sturdiest chair we've got is the old rocker. 

We used it a lot when the kids were babies so I've not wanted to get rid of it but has been sort of gathering clothes for a while. It seemed the perfect idea to extend its life into their childhood too.

So I took off the rocker and put the kids to work with some sand paper...

Drilled four holes in the base of the chair.

Gave it a slinky new coat of Weathershield Exterior Bay Tree Green

Ordered 12 meters of rope and cut them into four equal lengths.

Huffed and puffed and tied the chair up using a running bowline. And it promptly... fell over.

It hadn't occurred to me that the rope needed to support the back of the chair (I've got an A in CDT you know). So I made the appropriate adjustments et voila! 

After a tentative first ride out, I can officially say I am off my rocker! 

Loving the gorgeous new terrace...