Tuesday, 25 November 2014

A Belt Weave Quiver

I know - a must-have for every boy's toy box - a belt weave quiver, but bare with...

I'd got a bit irked with random sucker arrows and Nerf bullets all over the place. 

"You need a quiver" says the Mother in law. 

"A what?" I hear you cry. 

"A pouch, for your ammo". 

Yes, in fact I do! Not my ammo. But yes.

So I had all these belts, and you know I like to re-purpose / upcycle / can't bare to throw things away.

Well... I taught Swift to weave...

And, then just a little...

And before you know it... (six -ish months later...)

Quiver me timbers!

P.S. Sorry for my absence, I have of course been quietly crafting, got a bit distracted with forging a revolution =)