Monday, 15 February 2021

Puffy Paint Amazing Hair Activity!

In the book Don't Go Knocking at the Circus Door, you might have spotted some of the clowns have Amazing Hair!

This activity is really easy and loads of fun!

All you need is:

PVA glue

Shaving foam

Food colouring

Amazing hair templates (below)

We have tools that we use for moulding but you can also use a paintbrush or even cutlery.

If you have access to a laminator this activity can be used again and again but if not, simply print off a few copies.

If you have some savvy tech skills you can also superimpose the faces of your children onto the templates. I used Microsoft Digital but any similar software will do. Alternatively, you could cut them out and stick them on.

Mix equal parts glue and shaving foam. Experiment with adding more of each to see what it does to the mixture. You’re looking to create soft peaks.


Add food colouring to create your desired colour.


Add your mixture as ‘hair’ to the templates.

Build up layers and ‘style’ your hair. Add different colours and mess around with the effects.

We hope you enjoy your Amazing Hair Activity! 

Click links for templates